The Integrated Process

At Integrated Electronics, the project doesn’t just begin when our installation team shows up at your house and it doesn’t end when they leave. We are committed to helping you find the best integration of technology for your lifestyle, a process that begins with planning and extends all the way to teaching you how to use your new technology once your project is completed.


During the initial meeting, one of our highly skilled design engineers will collaborate with you, your contractor, and other design team members to assess your needs and the scope of work required to complete your project. A quote outlining the project and product details, as well as estimated costs, will be presented to you for approval. This quote will be updated when needed, as changes are often part of the design process. Our scheduling coordinator will work with your design team to ensure your project begins in a timely manner.

Project Work

When you hire Integrated Electronics, you are hiring a dedicated design team including a project manager, a design engineer, installation technicians, lighting and IT specialists, and a helpful office staff. Our relationship with brands you trust enables us to offer solutions that go beyond what the average company can provide, ensuring that your project lives up to your expectations.

*Note: The theater depicted above an actual theater designed and installed by Integrated Electronics in conjunction with Cinema Tech from Dallas.

The Installation Process

At Integrated Electronics, the installation process is typically completed in three phases: pre-wire, initial finish, and final finish.

Pre-wire: First, your home or business will be pre-wired for every detail outlined in the project quote. Our crews will run low-voltage, cable/network, and phone lines inside your property during this phase.

Initial Finish: Depending on the scope of your project, the second phase may be completed several weeks or months after your project has begun. Your Integrated Electronics design engineer will keep you informed of the timeline related to your project.

During the initial finish, our installation crews will install some of the aesthetic pieces in your home or business such as wall plates, volume and lighting keypads and speakers. We will also assist you in coordinating utility service activation for your new phone, cable, and internet services if they are not already in place.

Final Finish: In the last phase, all the equipment for your project is confirmed, ordered, and installed by our crews. If your home or business is newly constructed, we will need to make sure the utility services are active at this point. This is needed because all the equipment installed is always properly tested to make sure there are no problems. The lead installer will work with you during this time to ensure preferences related to your equipment are met, saving you the time of digging through manuals and trying to program remotes after your project is finished.

Completion and Lessons

After all of the equipment has been installed, tested, and deemed fully-functional by our experienced crews, one of our lead technicians will give you lessons on how to use your new system. Personal preferences, last minute add-ons, or other minor changes may be completed during this time as well. We strive to complete projects within the quoted amount of time; however brief return trips may be necessary to ensure your satisfaction of the final project. We are always available to help our clients even after the project has been finished.

Service and Support

We hope you will have years of problem-free enjoyment of your system. However, as you know, technology changes at a rapid pace and electronics can sometimes be finicky. Rest assured we will be there to help you when it’s time to update your system or if you need service for any reason. We have a dedicated service department, and we offer after-hour service for evenings and weekends. We have you covered!

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