Integrated Electronics Testimonials

The system Integrated installed is life changing!

Zach H.

Integrated Electronics was to their word every step of the way. In fact, they were so neat, clean, and meticulous at the job site that they were typically ahead of schedule in every aspect of installation. Quite frankly, when you work with people who can ultimately become your friends… you know you have something extraordinary and a rare gift.
I recommend Integrated Electronics unreservedly and most highly.

Steve S.

Integrated is a great company to work with, the work is clean and they always get it all done with no wires showing.

Jim S.

(Integrated Electronics) would get the award as best sub contrator on our complete home remodel!

Brad E.

Integrated was the best company we worked with while building our home!

Todd R.

Integrated Electronics is responsive, easy to work with, and they put up with my crazy ideas of incorporating technology and things they have never dealt with. Instead of saying, “Oh, I don’t think we can do that,”
they just figure out how we can do it , and that’s exactly what I want.

David P.

Integrated is always here for service anytime anyone calls, and also the best company to work with while building our home.

Eric R.

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