Home Theater

With the advent of the VCR in the early 80’s, the movie experience at home became a reality. home theater surround sound soon emerged to complete the experience. Over the years, Integrated Electronics has seen quite an evolution in movie sound reproduction for the home.

A perfect home theater should be a successful blend of technology, aesthetics, and simple functionality. We are experienced in the successful implementation of thousands of home theater designs; each one is unique to the client. We guarantee a unique design specific to your needs and ideas.

Home Automation

We live in an integrated and connected age with an endless palette of electronic gadgets at our disposal. Home Automation includes Audio/Video, Lighting, Security, Heating and Cooling, Pools and Saunas, Gates and Doors, Automated Window Treatments, Surveillance Cameras, Fireplaces, and Water Features. These are just some of the electronic conveniences in today’s higher end home. We believe the possibilities are endless.

At the same time, we appreciate that many of our clients are not as passionate about electronics as we are. Our goal is to demystify the technology for you and help you make wise decisions for which solutions best fit your lifestyle.
Let us apply our vast experience towards orchestrating all that life has to offer into one seamless, connected experience.

Distributed Audio/Video

Music and TV are at the heart of every home electronic system. With a whole house distributed audio/video system, ultra high definition video and high resolution audio can be sent to any room of the house through our centralized distribution systems. Several pieces of equipment are required for our advanced systems, so instead of cluttering your new sleek TV, we can tuck it away in another room.

Coordinating all of your music and video sources through one centralized system allows you to manage all of your media throughout the home. Multiple rooms can be playing the same source when entertaining, or each room can be independently controlled when you so desire.

Blending your audio/video into the architecture of your home is critical. We offer a wide selection of TV and speaker options that will satisfy the most discriminating eyes and ears while maintaining the elegant design of each and every room of the home.Though there are many options and routes you can take in building your system, we believe that simplicity is key to enjoying your system. We strive to make our systems simple and user-friendly.

Automated Window Treatments

Indulge in luxury with automated window treatment. Motorized shades and blinds are a chic way to control heat and light, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature.

Control of natural light in your home not only enhances the aesthetics of your space, but also provides several economic benefits. Control the heat, light, and damaging UV sun rays which can negatively effect your most valuable possessions. Added security and privacy are other great benefits of this technology.

We offer industry leading solutions with a wide array of fabrics and styles to meet your design plans. These can be integrated into your home automation control for just the right amount of added beauty and management of light throughout the home.


We live in the fast paced and demanding age of information, and being connected is vital for success. With the wonderful enhancements that the Internet has brought to our lives, a certain dependence on its capability and reliability is inevitable.

Integrated Electronics has successfully implemented thousands of robust and dependable computer networks in homes and businesses. We understand the complexities involved and the frustration of lost connection to the outside world.

When it comes to internet providers, cable TV, satellite TV, and telecommunication systems, we utilize only industry leading manufacturers and practices to insure that your life stays as connected as possible.

Lighting Control

The effective use of Lighting Control is like a paintbrush in the hands of a skilled artist. Having just the right amount of light reflecting off the many fine details of your home will enhance the beauty and elegance of your surroundings.

The “Bedtime” button is the most often requested lighting option, which can put the whole house to sleep. Other home scene buttons such as “Relax” and “Entertain” can set the right mood while “Home” and “Away” will provide you with the peace of mind that your home is properly lit when you leave for the day or come home late in the evening.

Other great benefits of Lighting Control are energy savings, extended lamp life, reduced wall clutter, and added security. Dramatic effects can be created, especially with the use of LED lamps, a new technology which allows you to control the color of the light. Let Integrated Electronics design a total Lighting Control solution that will enhance the beauty and livability of your home or office.

Theater Accessories

We offer all the latest in accessories to put the perfect finishing touches on your home theater. We provide fine theater chairs with electronic footrest and recline and even chairs that are motion actuated to follow the action on the big screen. Other accents like popcorn machines, movie posters, or ticket booths can give your theater room that extra dazzle.