We live in the fast paced and demanding age of information, and being connected is vital for success. With the wonderful enhancements that the Internet has brought to our lives, a certain dependence on its capability and reliability is inevitable.

Integrated Electronics has successfully implemented thousands of robust and dependable computer networks in homes and businesses. We understand the complexities involved and the frustration of lost connection to the outside world.

More and more media content providers such as iTunes, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon rely on a fast and consistent Internet network for delivering the latest in music, movies and TV content. You simply can’t rely on outdated wiring or slow and sparse wi-fi coverage when it comes to downloading and streaming high definition audio and video. We employ industry leading manufacturers and practices to insure that your life stays as connected as possible.

When it comes to voice communication within the home and business, we have several solutions. A phone system is a great solution for intercom communication throughout the house and well as to your front door, side door, and driveway gate. New technologies are emerging that allow for a unified phone approach that will allow your phones in the home, at your place of business, and your cell phones all to act together in one cohesive system.

For the latest in phone, TV, and Internet services, we have a wealth of experience with all of the local providers: Google Fiber, Time Warner, AT&T, Comcast, Cox Cable, Consolidated, DirectTV, and Dish Network. We are more than happy to help you weigh the pro’s and con’s of the various providers and advise you on which may be the best provider for your project.

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