Distributed Audio/Video

Music and TV are at the heart of every home electronic system. With a whole house distributed audio/video system, ultra high definition video and high resolution audio can be sent to any room of the house through our centralized distribution systems. Several pieces of equipment are required for our advanced systems, so instead of placing them by your new sleek TV, we tuck it away in another room.

Coordinating all of your music and video sources through one centralized system allows you to manage all of your media throughout the home. Multiple rooms can be playing the same source when entertaining, or each room can be independently controlled when you so desire.

Why have ten cable boxes, when three or four is sufficient? Instead of having a cable box per TV, we recommend having one for Dad, one for Mom, and then one for the kids to share! Each can watch their own cable TV shows and recordings on any of the TV’s in the home. This same idea can be employed for any of the other source units you may have such as Apple TV’s, Blu Ray Players, and Music Servers.

Your options for accessing Audio and Video content are plentiful – Cable TV, Direct TV, Dish Network, Apple iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube, HBO Go, Showtime Anywhere, Google Play, VuDu, Sling TV, Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify and a myriad of other providers are all vying for your media attention and entertainment dollars. Choosing what services best fit your needs is one thing, but insuring your streaming experience is solid and consistent is another.  We will provide you with the best network recommendations possible to insure that you have a stagger-free streaming media experience.

Blending your audio/video into the architecture of your home is critical. We offer a wide selection of TV and speaker options that will satisfy the most discriminating eyes and ears while maintaining the elegant design of each and every room of the home. Let our expert designers work with you to craft a whole house distributed audio/video system that is meets all of your entertainment needs.

Though there are many options and routes you can take in building your system, we believe that simplicity is key to enjoying your system. We strive to make our systems simple and user-friendly.

Let us send your AV enjoyment to another level, contact us today! Contact