Home Automation

We live in an integrated and connected age with an endless palette of electronic gadgets at our disposal. These technologies allow us to access unlimited amounts of information in mere seconds and to be connected to those we know and love. Why not harness this same power to connect to and manage our home and workplace?

In today’s finer homes, you will find many modern electronic conveniences such: Utlra-High Definition TV, High Resolution Audio, Automated Lighting, Security Systems, Computer Networks, High End Heating and Cooling Systems, Motorized Entry Gates and Doors,  Swimming Pools, Saunas and Hot Tubs, Automated Window Treatments, Surveillance Cameras, Automated Garage Doors, Heated Driveways, Fireplaces, Water Features and more.   We believe the possibilities are endless.

At the same time, we appreciate that many of our clients are not as passionate about electronics as we are. Technology offers a great deal of promise, but without a skilled team of professionals orchestrating the various instruments, the results can be like a song out of tune.  Our goal is to demystify the technology for you and help you make wise decisions for which solutions that best fit your lifestyle.

Home Automation systems can provide solutions to everyday annoyances in life. Do you often leave the garage door open at night? We can fix that for you. Do your kids leave the lights on all the time? We can solve for that. Do you wish you could make sure you remembered to turn off the lights and have set the alarm after you already left the house? This is something we can do for you.

Not all automation ideas need to be practical, some can be for whimsy or to simply show off to your family and friends. We are only limited by our collective imagination!

When shopping for a Home Automation specialist, be sure to request to see what they have already done rather than simply listen to what they say they can do. We have crafted hundreds of fully automated homes in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. Let us show you what can be done and how we can apply our vast experience towards orchestrating all that the electronic life has to offer into one seamless, connected experience.
In the coming years, we will see a huge growth in Home Automation technologies and service providers. Large national cable TV companies and security firms are jumping in to catch this coming wave of technology. But don’t be fooled, this is a specialized industry with an inherent degree of complexity that does not fit well with an “off the shelf” solution. You need a company that has been in the trenches for many years delivering Home Automation technology in a personalized and professional manner.

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