Home Theater

With the advent of the VCR in the early 80’s, the movie experience at home became a reality. Home Theater surround sound soon emerged to complete the whole experience. Over the years, Integrated Electronics has seen quite an evolution in movie sound reproduction for the home.

A perfect home theater should be a successful blend of technology, aesthetics, and simple functionality. All the hard work and money spent will matter little if you have to fumble with five different remotes and a complicated set of instructions just to turn the system on. Your investment will be lost if you simply can’t enjoy using what you have purchased. We understand this frustration like few other companies and have created control points that are simple, intuitive, and require minimal button pushes to make the magic come to life.

Collectively, our design staff has over 100 years of AV experience, so we can answer all of your common questions regarding proper room dimensions, optimum screen size and screen height, the best seating arrangement, proper speaker placement, best control of light, both natural and artificial, and optimal sound treatment techniques.

In the early days, surround sound consisted of a mere four speakers. The next generation was Dolby Pro-Logic which added a center speaker for better voice recognition. With the coming of the digital age, Dolby introduced Dolby Digital Surround sound that added a dramatic improvement in clarity and sound track separation which created much better movement of sound throughout the listening area. Recently, Dolby Laboratories has introduced “Atmos” surround processing that can support up to a staggering 128 discrete audio tracks and up to 64 unique speaker feeds.

Sound control is an important facet of a successful theater. This is a two part equation – sound treatment within the room and sound abatement to keep sound contained within the theater. When it comes to sound control within the space, we employ years of practical experience and professional services to help eliminate common mistakes, such as poor bass reproduction, lost voice recognition, and echoing within the room. We have access to many fine sound proofing techniques and materials that we employ to manage sound leakage so you can crank it up and enjoy without waking the neighbors. Whether your needs are modest or elaborate, Integrated Electronics will tailor your home theater design to meet your specific dreams!

Theater Accessories

We offer all the latest in accessories to put the perfect finishing touches on your home theater. We provide fine theater chairs with electronic footrest and recline and even chairs that are motion actuated to follow the action on the big screen. Other accents like popcorn machines, movie posters, or ticket booths can give your theater room that extra dazzle.

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