Lighting Control

The effective use of Lighting Control is like a paintbrush in the hands of a skilled artist.  Having just the right amount of light reflecting off the many fine details of your home will enhance the beauty and elegance of your surroundings.

Convenience is a key facet of Lighting Control.

Our lighting automation systems feature intuitive keypads with backlit, engraved buttons for controlling the lights and scenes you wish to manage. The “Bedtime” button is the most often requested lighting option, which can put the whole house to sleep. Other home scene buttons such as “Relax” and “Entertain” can set the right mood while “Home” and “Away” provide you with peace of mind that your home is properly lit when you leave for the day or come home late in the evening.

Other great benefits of Lighting Control are energy savings, extended lamp life, reduced wall clutter and added security. Simply dimming a light to 90% will not only reduce energy consumption but this will also double the life of the lamp. Dimming your lights to 80% will quadruple the life. This is particularly beneficial for the high and hard to reach lights around the home.

Managing your outdoor lights has never been this simple and accurate. Our systems have a built in astronomical time clock that tracks sunrise, sunset, and daylight savings time for the next 100 years. When we program your lights to come on at dusk, they will do that every day of the year. No worries either when the clock changes twice a year, our system keeps pace to insure that your lights come on and off as you desire, without having to fiddle with anything.

The number one asset to ward off a home invasion is the effective use of light. Why jeopardize your safety at night when an Integrated Electronics lighting system can insure you that never come home to a dark house. We can also provide a “Panic” button for our homeowners that will set the lights to match the particular needs of our clients.

Dramatic visual effects can be created with your programmed lighting system. In your home theater, when you push “Showtime”, we can slowly dim the lights down, resembling the movie theaters. We are experienced with the newest wave of LED technologies, including multi-colored lighting effects. Why live in a black and white world when you can add just the right color to enhance your mood?

Let Integrated Electronics design a total Lighting Control solution that will enhance the beauty and livability of your home or office.

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